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BOOST Injury Prevention Programs

BOOST injury prevention program is designed to reduce injury incidence in competitive athletes. Extensive research with protocols from NFL, NCAA, FIFA, Cincinnati Reds, and other organizations have produced this comprehensive BOOST program. Research to date indicates this program reduces the incidence of ACL tears, hamstring tears, ankles sprains, and other common injuries by 30-50%! The goal is to keep athletes on the field so they can reach their full potential. BOOST injury prevention comprises a 10-20 minute dynamic warmup/workout to precede practices and games, with separate preseason, in-season, and gameday programs. Initially the athletic trainers will help teach and implement the programs, with continued supervision and support of the athletes by the coaches. Most of the stretches and exercises will be familiar to athletes, and the trainers will teach any that are unclear or unfamiliar. This program is free. There are no costs for the athletes at our participating TriHealth-affiliated high schools and colleges. Please see attached a long format guide describing the stretches and exercises in detail, as well as program rationale.

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