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BOOST Functional Sport Training

BOOST Functional Sport Training is a program aimed to progress an athlete’s ability to safely return to sport. This may include return to sport from an injury treated either nonsurgically (i.e. Knee MCL sprain) or surgically (i.e. Knee ACL tear and reconstruction, Shoulder dislocation and labral repair).

Sporting activities like running, jumping and cutting demand a high level of strength and neuromuscular control, not only from the legs but from the hips, gluts and core, and similar principles apply to the upper body.

Mastering these skills is typically not within the scope and timeframe of physical therapy services, but is vital to a safe and successful integration back into sports. Whereas many patients are satisfied returning to normal activities of daily living, BOOST Functional Sport Training was developed and designed with high-level, competitive athletes in mind. This is a population with greater physiologic demands and require a more rigorous program to prepare them for the competitive field of play.

BOOST picks up where physical therapy leaves off and addresses the areas where athletes likely have post-operative deficits to minimize the risk of re-injury during play. This program typically unfolds in months 4-6 after recovery of more intensive injuries and surgeries, such as ACL reconstruction, shoulder labral repair, or hip arthroscopic labral repair. Team trainers and other specialists then typically continue care around 6 months, after functional sport training is complete and the athlete has passed all return-to-sport testing.”