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Sports activities play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy body structure of an individual. However, sports activities can result in various injuries that require adequate care. If neglected, sports injuries may induce serious complications and may even require surgery of the affected area. Braces are widely recommended for the management of such sports injuries. Bracing plays an important role, both in prevention and therapeutic management of the sports injuries.

Braces or splints are specifically designed devices that safely support the injured area in correct position to induce the healing process. Braces are comprised of specific material that provides warmth and compression to the affected joint and soft tissues. Bracing involves wrapping the specific brace or splint around the injured area as recommended by your physician. Bracing helps to prevent further damage of the injured area, without affecting the daily activity of the person. Braces also are effective in healing muscular injuries, including damage to soft tissues such as tendons and ligaments.

The type of bracing depends upon the affected area (knee, wrist, and elbow etc.) and severity of the sports injury. Usually bracing will be more effective in treating mild to moderate injuries, rather than abrupt severe injuries.

For better recovery of the sports injury, bracing should be used along with physical therapy and strengthening exercises.